It’s time to discover YOUR unique story –

and how you can make a difference to others by sharing it with the world.

We work with individuals, small businesses, artists, entrepreneurs –
anyone looking for greater exposure through unique and creative videos.



Attention grabber!

 $550 – $750

  • 30- 60 sec simple promo video for Facebook/Instagram marketing.
  • Designed to grab attention and direct interest to a secondary site – eg landing page, website, sales,  lead generator etc.
  • Price range depends on length and filming location
  • includes 2 hours filming.



Writing and content creation

Short Facebook/Instagram video


“I wanted to reach out to find new clients and thought that video might be a good way to do it.
I was really happy with what Storycast created for my freelance writing business – I only wanted a short video that I could use on Facebook and Instagram.
Vicki made me feel very comfortable on camera and I’m really pleased with the result”

Gemma Kaczerepa

Writer, editor and content creator


Tell your story

 $900 – $1500

  • 2 -3 minute short ‘story’ video suitable for Facebook, Website, YouTube, landing page etc.
  • More in depth video explaining more about brand, philosophy, personal story to engage and connect with audiences.
  • Price  depends on length, filming location and complexity
  • includes 4 hours filming



Health and Wellness industry

website launch video

“Vicki created a launch video for my wellness business, Raw Energy.
The finished result was way beyond what I was expecting in terms of style, quality and information.
She has a unique way of working with her clients, helping them to relax and feel comfortable on camera.
I’m very happy with my video and I’d recommend Vicki and StoryCast to anyone wanting to create a promotional video for social media platforms.”

Lawrence Mitchell

Health coach and director, Raw Energy


Sustain interest

 $1500 – $2500

  • 12 -15 minute video to provide in-depth information and sustained engagement.
  • This could be a longer V-log, educational video, how-to, interview, Facebook live, extended story etc. – suitable for Facebook, YouTube or website.
  • Price depends on length and complexity.
  • includes 5-8 hours of filming, depending on the video.


Extended celebrity interview

for Youtube


“We wanted a video to be filmed outdoors and showcased the beauty of the Dharawal National Park south of Sydney, as well as featuring well-known author and international identity Kathy Lette.
The result was an extended interview conducted by her sister Liz Lette, we wanted to capture the casual, intimate and relaxed nature of their relationship.  
We were extremely happy with the video that StoryCast created for us”

Monique Baumann

Director, Creative Stars and co-director, The Walking Shtick


Go your hardest!


  • Choose your own package!
  • It could be a combination of a short and sweet video to capture attention on social media and drive viewers to a landing page which features a longer video – an engagement video or even a full monty.
  • This package would be discounted as filming and editing would be combined at the one time for convenience.
  • Please contact us for a customised quote.


Variety of promotional videos

for skin care clinic

“Vicki from Story Cast has helped us on a number of occasions.
She always seems to make videography seem so easy. She’ll direct a busy shoot for our Skincare clinic in Sydney, take the footage away, add B roll footage and music to create amazing videos for us, ready for marketing.
Vicki’s musical and composing background is a bonus for us. Her work in TV & film also equips her with strong foundations and experience to deliver exactly on the brief every single time.
We are so happy we found StoryCast and you will be too! “

Bonnie Phillips

Owner, Face Faxx Salon and Oneeka Skincare


Story/video planning session

It’s all about what YOU want to achieve. First, we have an informal meeting to chat about your particular story and how we can create a compelling video based on that.
We’ll discuss your goals, objectives and what exactly you’d like people to know about you.


We’ll find a convenient place that relates to your story where you can relax and feel comfortable to talk on camera.
Your unique story will be the centrepiece of the video and we’ll build the visual and audio content around that. We have the latest camera technology – both DSLR and Mirrorless cameras – to capture you at your best. We can cater for outdoor settings, office, green screen – at the location that suits you.


Your script, based on your story, is the centrepiece of the video.
We make sure your story is compelling and gives rise to interesting imagery, supported by original music composed by us.

Editing and Post Production

We’ll have a look at all the footage and make sure you’re happy and comfortable with it all.
Then we’ll take all the materials and edit it all together, sending you rough cuts along the way.

We’ll also listen to various music tracks to decide on the best fit for your video.


Communication is key – We’ll keep in touch regularly, and if you have any events/meetings or interactions that we can capture on camera to add to your story, we’ll cover those.

Final Project completion and assessment

We’ll assess the video to make sure it’s suitable to put out to the world, and if you choose, can provide consultation on Social Media marketing for an additional fee.

About Vicki Hansen, Creative Director

Vicki Hansen has over 25 years experience working in Film and television for clients such as Channel 9, ABC TV, SBS, Al Jazeera, Beyond Productions and many more.
To date she has worked on more than 500 stories about a wide range of subjects varying in style and genre, as well as feature-length movies, short films, advertisements, trailers, corporate videos and much more.
As well as being a video creator and storyteller, Vicki is an accomplished music composer and can create unique musical backing for your video, as well as bespoke musical branding.