If you’re wanting to make a professional video, either as an advertisement for your business, for corporate training or marketing your products or services, or any other type of video, then it’s important to think about the impact of the music you choose to accompany your video story.

Often the video production house will choose the music to go with your video  but it’s always good to consider your brand and whether the music represents the kind of marketing and promotional message you wish to send out. 

It can be helpful to have a composer create a bespoke, signature sound that will be yours alone.  A signature sound will help People identify your unique business brand – something to consider in your video planning session where you, with the videography company, will devise a promotional angle that is both professional and engaging in its story-telling, as well as showcasing a bespoke brand for your business. 

Everyone loves a story – and even a video created for promotional purposes on social media platforms needs to engage audiences.  Music helps enormously to hold attention, provide pace, energy and emotion, which is what drives people to want to take action and buy your product or service. 

So next time you are wanting to have a professional video company create a video for you, consider the impact the music is having on your video story and whether it accurately represents your professional business brand. 

Are you a business that calls for a slow, gentle and considered sound, that will draw audiences into your video and make them feel something?  Or are you wanting to convey energy, enthusiasm and motivation? In that case, a more energetic, upbeat sound will work better for you. 

And when creating a professional animated video logo for your business, it is always wise to have a bespoke sound created for you by a professional composer, to ensure that it is your unique sound – always a plus when thinking of marketing and promotion on websites and social media platforms.

Vicki Hansen, Director of Storycast,  is a Sydney-based multi-media producer, creating bespoke, professional videos for promotion, marketing and corporate clients. She is also a professional composer, having worked in the TV industry in Australia for over 20 years.