So you’ve tried making a video for your business in the past and it’s come out pretty rough?

The audio is ‘inaudible’ – wind  was blowing through the mic, someone started a lawnmower in the background or, without a decent mic, it sounds like you’re speaking from the other end of a hollow tunnel?

Or maybe you cut half your head off, your eyes were darting all over the place looking for the camera, you had a big stain on your shirt, your hair was a mess, your presentation was stiff and awkward…

So many things to be aware of when you start making videos without all the necessary gear, adequate thought and decent preparation!

Here are some tips and tricks when it comes to making a video that will present you and your business in the most professional light.

  1. Have your intention, your story, clear.  What do you want the video to do? What do you want to say to the world about who you are and what you do?
  2. Where would be the best place or location to present yourself that best represents you and your business in the most professional light.
  3. What should you wear?  Something that says what your business is about, but also something that you feel comfortable in, that best expresses who you are.
  4. Your script is key.  Make sure your words are clear and concise, to the point and follow the recommended video marketing script to ensure maximum engagement (a video marketing professional can help with that!)
  5. Have the right gear!  Audiences will forgive (to a point) a slight roughness in the visual quality of your videos, but the audio must be crystal clear, otherwise people will give up!  A good lapel mic will do the trick..
  6. Make sure your video isn’t unnecessarily long.  Try to say what you need to say in as short a time as possible.
  7. If you feel it’s too much, get help!  It can be hard, managing both the behind and in front of  iPhones/cameras by yourself! Make sure it’s someone who is supportive and who helps you to feel relaxed and comfortable.