When you decide to make a video to promote yourself or your business, it’s necessary to have a video discovery session.

Director of Storycast Vicki Hansen, explains how it works.

What can I expect during a video discovery session?

During the session we’ll be looking at what kind of branding or image you want to portray in your video.  This is essential is it determines the overall look and feel of your video. What kind of message do you want to send to the world, what is the story that you want to tell?

We’ll also be delving deeply into who you are and what is unique about you or your business. Sometimes a story told by you, the owner of your business, is the most powerful as you are the one with the passion and drive that makes your business run. 

We’ll talk about the best locations – either in your work-place, outdoors, green screen, etc, which would work best for you. 

Your clothing, how you look, is also important- to show you at your best and ideally should be something you feel comfortable and confident in.

Then we’ll decide on the length of the video.

Typically a video ad will run for anywhere from 15 seconds to 1 and a half minutes – around 1 minute is ideal as it doesn’t draw too much on peoples’ attention and will also work on Instagram.

We like to make our video planning sessions relaxed and easy, sharing a tea or coffee in an informal setting so that the ideas can flow. 

By the end of the session, which usually lasts a couple of hours, we’ll both have a clearer idea of where you want to go with your video and how you want it to look and feel.